The magic hours in the dark room, my first wanderings in the streets of Tilburg in the southern part of the Netherlands, where I grew up, layed a bottom under my future, that first indicated a way towards science, followed by theatre art school and teaching drama, then at the age of thirty I decided to start doing what I had been doing ever since I was a kid, I declared myself as professional photographer. I've worked as a freelancer, throughout the years with a pleasantly free hand on interpreting the assignments that came on my way. I still feel a strong connection with the technical craftmanship of analogue photography, which by now has completely made place for digital technics. My involvement in a platform about living and building in the region of Amsterdam, has given me the opportunity to focus my work in the fields of Living, City Development and Landscape. Almost 1000 photographs of my Amsterdam archive will be published on the website of the City Archive of Amsterdam this fall. With my partner Tony Visser we manipulate photographs into works of art, which I love to present and sell at the Amsterdam Spui Art Market.

As filmmaker I have always intitiated projects by myself since 1996. I've worked on three documentary films that all took a pretty long period of time. They appear to deal with old people who carry out history.
1. Franciscus in Papoea, about Dutch Franciscan missionaries in West Papua, province of Indonesia. You can see the movies on this website.
2. The second project is about the late Amsterdam based artist Robert Jasper Grootveld, one of the founding fathers op Provo movement in the sixties.
3. The third documentary work is about the late Louis Putman, antiq book collector, known as collector for collectors in the Dutch book world.